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Tristone is an Acrylic Solid Surface. Acrylic Solid Surface is the ideal material that combines practicality, durability and elegance.

The flexibility of Tristone allows for the creation of wonderful surface designs. Offering non porous material, resitant to heat, moisture and bacteria with seamless joins and heated to mould and form bends and angles. It is great in both residential and commercial designs.

Tristone colour portfolio

Tristone colour choices offer an exciting range of choices at a competitive price. Tristone offers limitless potential allowing you to create stunning designs.

You can view the colours available from Tristone via this website.

Tristone colours

Tristone features

Tristone is non porous and can be joined seamlessly. This makes it perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or other clinical environments.

Offering a bespoke wide choice of hygenic surfaces made from acrylic. Tristone is available at competitive prices whilst offering the stunning factor as other products.

Tristone and Mayflower can supply colour matched thermoformed Sinks, Bowls and Basins. These will be in Tristone Acrylic and allows for a seamless flow throughout the worksurface.

Colour matched Tristone Acrylic adhesive joins Tristone to be seamless. This allows for the work surface to have a uniform finish throughout the entire surface.

This means your Tristone worksurface is heated up to allow the worksurfaces to be moudled to your unique shapes including bends and sharp angles.

Liquids do not penetrate the Tristone worksurface as it is non porous. This means the surface is hygienic and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Worksuraces can be easily cleaned, including stubborn stains, by following the cleaning guidelines.

A number of Tristone colours offer a consistent worksurface colour. This allows, in the event of damage, for the worksurface to be repaired, not replaced.

Tristone does not allow fire to spread. It has Class 0 Warrington Fire Certification and has been classed as building material B1 according to DIN 4102 classification.

Tristone can be used in contact with food. It meets both European and US standards for use with foodstuff