Mayflower Stone

SapienStone 4D

SapienStone has created the world’s most sustainable ceramic world with the 4D ceramic surface. It is composed of natural minerals, is solid as a rock and utilises green hydrogen production processes. The 4D surfaces are available in 20mm thickness.

Sapien Stone Alaska White (not 4D)

Alaska White (not 4D)

Sapien Stone Arabescato

Arabescato 4D

Sapien Stone Calacatta Aureo 4D

Calacatta Aureo 4D

Sapien Stone Calacatta Macchia Vecchia 4D

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia 4D

Sapien Stone Calacatta Statuario 4D

Calacatta Statuario 4D

Sapien Stone Grand Antique 4D

Grand Antique 4D

Sapien Stone Jatoba Brown 4D

Jatoba Brown 4D

Sapien Stone Kuroca 4D

Kuroca 4D