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The KITCHEN LOUNGE by Neolith line sees the world of kitchens as an environment where design and functionality co-exist as well as elegance and durability, esthetic details and technical characteristics.

With this purpose, Neolith brings life to a surface that is extremely resistant to scratching, high temperatures, chemicals and UV rays in addition to being stain resistant and featuring practically zero absorption due to its porosity of nearly 0%. Neolith KITCHEN LOUNGE also offers more than 50 models in different finishes to satisfy all types of tastes, needs and trends for any owner, interior designer or architect anywhere in the world.

More than 150,000 countertops installed all over the world since 2010, back Neolith's extraordinary features in the world of kitchens. Neolith comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on all slabs used for countertops.

Neolith also has a special line for sinks, NEOLITH SINKS, which is made of the same material as is used for our countertops to provide an integrated, minimalist kitchen design.

You can view the colours available from Neolith via this website.

Neolith colours

You will need to register your warranty within 30 days of installation. Please follow the link below. You will need the slab information. If you do not have this on your paperwork please contact Mayflower Stone direct to obtain.

Neolith warranty register

For information on your Neolith warranty please view this document.

Neolith warranty information

Neolith information

Neolith recommends the use of 12 and 20 mm thick slabs for countertops. These thicknesses make it possible to create several types of edging that match different design styles.

Neolith recommends a radius of at least 2 mm. The greater the radius, the better it will bear any impacts, but there will also be more base color in the slab. In areas with a high risk of impact (sinks, for example), a 2 mm radius edging is recommended as this is the best option for the look and durability. The edging shown here can also be applied to angles.

Neolith recommends using the following edge for Neolith countertops. It is the perfect compromise between esthetics and functionality.

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