Mayflower Stone

Marble and limestone

Marble and Limestone offer a timeless classic look and texture no other material can offer. They have been used for many years in classic kitchens and bathrooms but also can be used in a modern situation. Marbles and Limestones come in a variety of veined colours.

For Kitchen worktops this type of stone is not as durable as granite and will need more maintenance. We recommend Honed finish, as etching and markings will stand out more on a polished finish.

Even when sealed Marble and Limestone are more prone to staining and etching from common household items like wine, fruit juice and oils. This type of material will weather and change with time this is part of its beauty but not for everyone. Fruit juice for example may etch or dull areas of the worktops, and surface staining is inevitable. If you have a busy kitchen and you would like the worktops to not change over time them Quartz or Granite worktops would be more suitable

Marble and Travertine are not as durable to heat so you will need to use a trivet at all times, we also do not recommend cutting on the stone, always use a chopping board. Never use limescale remover on marble or limestone as it will eat the surface.

Only you can decide if the natural beauty of Marble and Limestone are suitable for your kitchen weighing up the beauty against the less durability.