Mayflower Stone


Nature-inspired surfaces that go beyond nature. Laminam creates ceramic slabs that challenge traditional uses of this material, resulting in large sized minimum thickness surfaces used in exterior architecture, interior design, and furnishings.

Laminam revolutionised the ceramic world from the start, thanks to a pioneering vision and the introduction of ever more innovative products in terms of thicknesses and sizes. Furthermore, IN-SIDE technology has enabled Laminam to take a giant step forward, achieving body and surface continuity for the first time. As a result, the product combines elegance with structure and beauty.

Laminam work with ceramic, an ancient material that Laminam have reinterpreted by creating surfaces that combine its natural qualities with a new application connotation. This is an ever-evolving process that allows Laminam to investigate ever-new application possibilities in international architecture and in cutting-edge contexts, all the way through to increasingly precious and sophisticated furnishing finishes.

The warranty for Laminam is automatically generated and does not need registering. To make a claim you will be asked to provide a paid invoice as proof of purchase..

For information on your Laminam warranty please view this document.

Laminam warranty information

Mayflower Stone