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Silestone Flooring / Cladding

Bathrooms are temples that command respect for the body. The visual fluidity of cool surfaces and delicate, continuous textures create spaces for peace and personal enjoyment.

Silestone® reinvents space thanks to the custom-made large format concept. You can use Silestone for walls or as a horizontal surface integrated with washbasins, Without joints or breaks. One idea in one piece.

Why Silestone is ideal for Bathrooms Coverings?

Silestone's high shock resistance means you need not worry about handling objects in the bathroom.

Since Silestone is comprised almost entirely of quartz, it is extremely resistant to scratches.

Over time, Silestone remains unaltered by chemicals products used to clean bathrooms.

The Jumbo format adds greater than ever continuity, eliminating joints on the bathroom floor and walls.

Silestone Bathroom Walls

Silestone can be supplied in a large customised format, offering you the possibility of maintaining the harmony and visual stability of your bathroom walls. The use of the Jumbo format slabs on your bathroom walls allows you to adapt its design to all your needs in terms of continuity and customisation.

Silestone is a practical material for use on walls in bathrooms, as it requires little maintenance and enhances the style, giving you the option of choosing from among its more than 60 colours.

Silestone Bathroom Floors

The high durability and resistance of Silestone® reduces wear due to use on bathroom floors. Its low porosity and scant maintenance requirements make it the ideal product for rooms in which water and other personal hygiene products are used.

Environments with conditions such as damp or changes in temperature require floors that not only have an attractive design, but offer an impeccable performance in the presence of these agents. For this reason, Silestone is the best bet.

Silestone flooring/tiling installation tips