Mayflower Stone

Neolith Flooring/Cladding

Interior beauty

SKIN is the Neolith interior line. An architectural skin capable of dressing up any space where it is used. The large format minimizes the number of joints in tiling for aesthetic and hygiene benefits. The minimal thickness creates an architectural skin out of Neolith as it can be directly applied to an already existing surface without any need for prior removal which saves on the time and costs involved with reform projects.

Due to the durability and special resistance to chemical and traffic, Neolith is the ideal low-maintenance material for high traffic uses such as in restaurants and cafés. Neolith SKINTOUCH also offers more than 50 models in different finishes to satisfy all types of tastes, needs and trends for any owner, interior designer or architect anywhere in the world. A rich chromatic repertory of neutral and striking colors; and designs inspired by natural, industrial elements like wood, metal, fabric and marble.