Mayflower Stone

Diesel Porcelain Flooring and Wall Tiles

The partnership between the leading names in lifestyle and high-end porcelain tiles brings together two undisputed stars of Italian manufacturing, go-to names in international design. Following the debut collection in 2016, which were inspired by industrial atmospheres, metallurgy and metropolitan living, the partnership between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living now brings us a brand-new create range of floor and wall tiles for contemporary settings.

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica explore not only the potential of Iris porcelain and its technical, visual and tactile qualities, but also encapsulate the aesthetics and essence of the world of Diesel. The floor and wall tiles in the collections are reworked with a hyper-realistic twist in highly iconic, evocative style. Colours, moods and inspiration are drawn from familiar landscapes, horizons and exotic locations (including the Arizona desert and the Grand Canyon), borrowed from the languages of cinema and rock.

Pure creativity is the constant source of inspiration for the collections with diverse colour palettes and textures, plus shading and nuances which reinvent every living area and take sensory experiences beyond floors and walls.

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Diesel Hard Leather Mayflower Stone

Diesel Hard Leather

Diesel Hard Leather brochure

Present day, imaginative and unmistakable, Hard Leather re-examines the surface of earthenware cowhide, making a material short out of perfect taste and equilibrium.

Diesel Stage Mayflower Stone

Diesel Stage

Diesel Stage brochure

Creative metallic surfaces develop new situations. The harshness of flaws gets over glossy surfaces to develop amazing differentiations.

Diesel Industrial Glass Mayflower Stone

Diesel Industrial Glass

Diesel Industrial Glass brochure

Like current optical illusion, modern propelled glass rehashes itself by making surfaces with 1,000 countenances, with a diverse wonder.

Diesel Camp Mayflower Stone

Diesel Camp

Diesel Camp brochure

Like current optical illusion, modern propelled glass rehashes itself by making surfaces with 1,000 countenances, with a diverse wonder.

Diesel Fence Mayflower Stone

Diesel Fence

Diesel Fence brochure

A metal cross section winds around uniform surfaces and makes unique and thorough spaces. Straightforward designs yet fit for testing contemporary style.

Diesel Glass Blocks Mayflower Stone

Diesel Glass Blocks

Diesel Glass Blocks brochure

Two materials meet and converge for a ceramic suggestion that rethinks, improves and opens up a better approach for encountering the modern style.

Diesel Cosmo Liquid Mayflower Stone

Diesel Cosmo Liquid

Diesel Cosmo Liquid brochure

Unlimited brushstrokes representing things to come solidify in imaginative, unique and polychrome glimmers. Cutting edge dreams brighten immortal spaces.

Diesel Liquid Stone Mayflower Stone

Diesel Liquid Stone

Diesel Liquid Stone brochure

Enhancing and shapely liquids set into sculptural pictures and material ideas that occupy the spaces and advance the conditions.

Diesel City Lights Mayflower Stone

Diesel City Lights

Diesel City Lights brochure

Colourful city lights pursue one another and are changed, in a progression of ever new ideas.

Diesel Alurock Mayflower Stone

Diesel Alurock

Diesel Alurock brochure

Metropolitan, post-modern, material: the state of mind made at Alurock is unmistakable, unequivocal and outright. Configuration attests its own personality.