Mayflower Stone

Our factory

Welcome to Mayflower Stones factory where we carefully store and fabricate your chosen material, whether it be Granite, Quartz, Sintered Stone, Marble or Corian, into beautiful kitchen worktops, flooring and tiles.

At Mayflower Stone we offer a vast array of natural and engineered stone including various types and colours of granite, marble and quartz slabs. Raw material is delivered to our yard where it is carefully stored for our customers.

We use advanced, state of the art technology to cut natural stone and quartz to the highest quality standard possible. We then hand-finish every detail so that every aspect of your kitchen worktops, flooring and tiles are perfect.

Cutting and shaping

We have three saws for managing different cuts:

The 2 Large GMM saws cut all the complicated and curved work. All material is first inspected by the Sawers to ensure there are no imperfections. Natural material will sometimes have small fissures and vents which we will fill if necessary. Once the material passes inspection the saws will begin cutting and shaping the stone. It is pre-programed and cuts both quickly and efficiently.

We also have a smaller GMM saw. This is mainly used for cutting small jobs and for cutting upstands back from 30mm to 20mm, but also has full cnc capability and can cut complicated and curved works as well.

Finishing touches

After the material has been cut, the shaped material then goes through the 3 CNC machines which are programmed to cut all the finer details including bowel cut-outs, drainer grooves, recess drainer areas, edge working and special edge working. We have three CNC machines.

Once this is complete, the shaped material then goes on to the edge polishing machine where the edges are smoothed off and curved. Then, absolutely everything is hand finished. It is this stage that not only sets us apart from all other stone fabricators but allows us to perfect internal and external corners, which is impossible to do so with machines.

Quality Guaranteed

All finished kitchen worktops, pass through our Quality Control where the factory manager undertakes an extensive quality assurance check.

Each piece of work is thoroughly examined and closely inspected against the template when the factory manager is happy the items are loaded on the Special carry frames ready for the installation teams to collect.